Nutter​/​Nostradogmus Split

by Analog For Dogs

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This is a split between friends. I first met Ben last summer in Asheville when he booked a show for Marcus and I on our first tour. He was real sweet and super helpful, during the show he happened to mention that the band he plays drums in was playing two days later at the underground and Marcus and I happened to have two days off. So we stuck around asheville to see his band. This was my first experience with Nutter. They were fast and fun and goofy and everything a pop punk band should be. After the show I mentioned to them that I was trying to put out splits on analog for dogs and asked if they would be interested in being on one at some point in the future. At the time I didnt have a full band and I had no idea that Nostradogmus would ever be a thing because I was still planning on moving to gainesville instead of tallahassee. Life happens weird and fast sometimes. This tape was originally supposed to be funded by plasma donation, which is why it is number one in the plasma tape series but the donation center wouldn't allow me to donate until this coming january because I got the word Dog tattooed on my ankle by my friend kevin. I'll go see the vampires in a few months and use that money to put out another split. The Nostradogmus side of this album was recorded at franklin manor, all 100 percent live takes mixed onto a 4 track tape machine. My voice is completely blown out because Gene Wilder ran away to go on an adventure right before we started recording and the whole band ran around town for two hours screaming his name at the top of our lungs. He ended up being alright, I found him on college avenue covered in hitchikers and dirty leaves and I lost my shit and started crying while some random girl in the background yelled at her boyfriend because she caught him watching porn. Ali Peera drove in from gainesville to help record us and cook delicious indian food. I'm really stoked on how it all came out. The nutter side rips hard. Stephen Shrewsbury did the art and it rules.


released November 28, 2014

nutter is:
maxi - guitar
ben - guitar
kyle - bass
ben - drums
we all sing
recorded at groovy mountain studios in arden, NC by steve, who is also very groovy. we would like to thank beth and chip everett, tyler, dean, dustin, frankie, riley, yotam, wwc punx, preston house, FGL, cookout, pub safe jon, waffle house and everyone who has booked us a show ever <3



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Analog For Dogs Florida

Non Profit DIY Label, Proceeds fund dog rescue efforts, Made either by members or outside rescue groups. Primarily folk, punk and pop punk. Emotional healing, because sometimes life sucks. Dogs are rad and we evolved together, they deserve happiness, you deserve happiness. ... more

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Track Name: Nutter - Cruise
this time last year I was stuck in-between who I am
and where I wanted to be,
"but it just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride everything everything will be just fine everything everything will be alright"
Time is going nowhere fast, so lets make the good times last.
and i say lets just focus on today
theres no point in complicating all our fucked up situations
so lets drop all our obligations and start some more decision making.
bop bop badada dadada
hold out your hand darling
hold out your hand darling
time is going nowhere fast, lets make the good times last.
Track Name: Nostradogmus - Cheer Up
Well the past few months,
they felt like shit
I spend my time
measuring the differences
in our lives wheres the value
on the days we both feel empty
is that just a state of mind?
or how I've been spending my time?
You've been looking in the haystack again
for an artifiact to resurrect some old demons
sometimes the world gets under my skin
and I start to feel like a hypocrite
because I get so caught up in it
disoriented by the spin
Words I've heard some times before
I always manage to ignore them
and focus on the bad parts of my life
and I know the behavior is wrong
I've just been doing it for so long
I don't think I can kick the habit just yet.
and its no wonder I'm depressed
cause I still think this is all that there is
I still think this is all that there is and I couldn't be more wrong.
Track Name: Nostradogmus - Scratch it out
The light in the attic has been at it for days I think it stays on all night long,
and how many days have I wasted like this in bed wondering what could go wrong.
And I guess I haven't figured any of this out yet, I could walk but I wait to see just how bad it gets, nothing ever gets crossed off the list and it just grows and grows and grows. If I never wrote this down, I wouldnt have to worry about crossing it out, and everything that we're trying not to think about, it all piles up and it comes crashing down.

We stayed awake til the very break of dawn just wondering what it would take to shake the attitudes that we've held for so long, now aware of the problems that they do create, I will measure the weight in morning after the reality of it has set in, because time pulled the threads and made spaces and I am not sure yet how I feel about them.
The friends that you love will leave eventually they come back
and the world will always change it doesn't have to be bad
if you need to hold on to something then find comfort in the fact
that by our very nature we are designed to adapt.
Track Name: Nostradogmus - Gene Wilder conquers an existential crisis.
I heard you once in all the sound, lost my tongue in the thick of it
the modern world can get so loud, its awful hard making sense of it
but i've come to recognize all the patterns of our lives,
the lows and highs they used to catch me by surprise, but I've come to find that the sinking existential feeling is a lie, we are alive and our anxieties are eating all our time, there is so much for to do than die.

Some situations drag you down, they turn you into dust,
and when you're feeling so spread out it, its awful but,
we are defined by the parts that we share from our lives,
you're born and you die, how are you going to occupy that time,
I have come to find, that the sinking existential feeling is a lie,
we are alive and our anxieties are eating all our time,
there is so much more to do than die!!
Track Name: Nostradogmus - Kyle Cobra Hands!!
Communication, is something I have trouble with,
most days I find it hard to say exactly what I mean,
and I'm not sure if I believe words are just our tongues hitting our teeth
there's something beautiful buried in our speech,
because every syllable has value and meaning
we must read into them equally
and I don't want to participate
in the standards of this nuclear age
when all our thoughts they are arranged
by their monetary, values.
I will never forget, something a sexist college professor said
women can not own their own businesses thats a load of shit,
empathy doesn't make you weak, nor is it gender specific
and when you categorize something it just turns into a statistic
and I can't identify with numbers that are defined by the x and the y
but I can find the value in a life.
Track Name: Nostradogmus - Evan's political song
I really don't care about my silly hair. Just let me sip my beer while you call me queer. Cause you know you wouldn't dare and yet you did it here.
Is just a matter of perception. Here is a correction. of recent misconceptions extending from elections deciding your erections and justifying questions with answers all in sections and calling it a nation.
Calling it a nation?